About us

Norwich Community West

Working together, learning together

We are a cluster of 13 schools with over 3000 pupils in the West of Norwich, Norfolk, UK. We have the shared aim of providing the best, most effective support possible to allow all young people in our community to reach their educational potential. Through joint working and planning we will provide an educational experience from nursery to year 11 that will allow pupils to progress well, regardless of any barriers they may face.

The Cluster has:

Cluster Governors Committee


The SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) Sub-Committee meet on a half termly basis, this sub-committee consists of SENDCOs from all Cluster schools.

SEND Sub-Committee discuss, plan and initiate programmes and interventions for pupils who have SEND.

In addition the SEND Sub-Committee is responsible for the allocation of the Cluster SEND Funding Allocation, this money is used for pupils with exceptional high levels of need, this funding is used to purchase equipment, specialist staff and used to allow those pupils to access their education.

Leadership and Management

The Leadership and Management Committee consists of the Head Teachers of all Cluster schools, this committee meets half termly to discuss, plan and initiate programmes and policies across the Cluster.


The Cluster Governors Committee meets 4 to 5 times a year. The Cluster Governors Committee consists of one governor from each Cluster school, Head Teachers are also invited to attend.

The Governors' role is to oversee the working of the Cluster, to ensure that Cluster funds are being spent equitability and showing value for money. In addition to the finance the Governors get regular reports from the Leadership and Management Committee and the SEND Sub-Committee.

Mission Statement

“To make a significant contribution to the learning and developmental needs of the children and young people of the Cluster”

We will achieve this by