Mission Statement

“To make a significant contribution to the learning and developmental needs of the children and young people of the Cluster”

We will achieve this by

  • Sharing good practice from within the Cluster and wider.
  • Acting as advocates for our Community.
  • Maximising our differing strengths across the Cluster.
  • Giving support to each member of the organisation.
  • Working with families to assist them to ensure their child achieves their full potential.
  • Working with other stakeholders to meet shared objectives.
  • Aspiring to give the best to our children and  people, ensuring that they themselves have aspiration

Reviewing evidence of need within the Cluster to determine priorities and ensure best value from the Cluster budget.

Vision Statement:

We strive to have outstanding schools which collaborate and equip their children and young people to be successful adults.

Aims Statement:

  • Trust – we will engender trust among the group to ensure that all decisions are made for the benefit of the children, young people and their families within the area.
  • Creative – we will be creative in both our teaching and the removal of barriers which hinder our children and young people in their growth and development.
  • Aspirational – we will aspire to give the best to our children and young people and this will include ensuring that they have aspiration.
  • Excellence – we will strive to be excellent in all that we do and deliver.
  • Fairness – we will be fair and transparent.
  • Challenging – we will challenge to ensure that we find successful solutions which allow our children and young people to fulfill their potential.
  • Communication - We will support our children and young people to become effective communicators.

For more details on the schools in our Cluster please visit the Cluster School Page.